Is more than a word to my insides for
I once wanted to die.
After my failed attempt,
I set out to learn what it means for ME to be alive.
My inner world was a stranger to me,
and I was a stranger to it.
It appeared my SOUL had many layers;
And as I began peeling back, In time
arrived at the layer that switched LIFE on for me.
While occupying only the superficial layers
of my existence, I prematurely gave up on life.
It turns out I had to go DEEP, DEEP, DEEP
to “Spark” my spirit…
Then, BEING ALIVE consisted of a dialogue
only “I” recognized.

By Kamili Matilaba Anderson



Kamili Matilaba Anderson

I survived a suicide attempt at 19 yrs old (now 52). My writings reflect the everyday issues I had to rise above along the road to enlightenment.